Saturday, June 13, 2015

Encrypt and decrypt your files in Ubuntu using ccrypt

ccrypt is a utility for encrypting and decrypting files and streams. It was based on Rijndael cipher, which was chosen candidate by U.S. government's for Advance Encryption Standard. This cipher is believed to provide a very strong security.

1. Install CCrypt from repo

sudo apt-get install ccrypt

2. To encrypt a file, use one of the following command,

ccrypt -e file_name or ccencrypt file_name

3. It will prompt you for Encryption Phrase aka Password, enter it. for example,

ccrypt -e sample.text 
Enter encryption key: your_key 
Enter encryption key: (repeat) your_key 

Note: Don't forget the encryption phrase, there is no way to get back the original file without it.

Properties File with Arguments or Pameters

The goal on this tutorial is to be able to format a value on a properties file given its parameter or arguments. It is best describe as passing value as a parameter and inserting those values on the string retrieved from the properties file.

To better understand what I'm doing, read and understand my example code below.

Property File Sample
message.welcome= Welcome {0} to {1}!
message.thank= Thank you for you visit {0}.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Quest for New Challenging Project beyond Social Media

It has been quite a journey working with a social media focused company and learned a lot of interesting frameworks and libraries in developing projects and modules internally and the products for years of work. Its nearly end of my contract and I guess its already time for a change so I started looking for other opportunities just recently.

These days, there are so many job sites and mostly these platforms are free for all. Legit though I think that they seem to skip having to screen job applicants or companies for quality. And quality to me means a lot. Who knows? Company or person posting jobs on those job sites may be fake and could just use applicants email as receivers of spam advertising. Or worse, sell your resume somewhere. I maybe wrong but the point I wanna stress out is how confident you are with your trust.

So I scanned these sites and one of which I think is most formidable and promising is Toptal. Its quite a quality site having employers and resources that are hand-picked and filtered. This is beyond services of any other job sites and first impression is awesomeness. They have installed a screening process to insure they get only the best gets the opportunity.  They claim only 3% elite developers gets in.

That given, I am determined to accept the challenge to become part if their growing family of elite developers.